Premium ingredients. From us to you.

♥ Black Iberian pig, certified. Bred in the Algarve.
Grazes in total freedom (in Serra de Monchique) for 18 to 24 months. Travels 2 to 3 hours a day in search of available food (acorn and pasture). In the mountain season (November to March) it feeds mainly on acorn, between 7 and 10 kg per day, representing an increase in daily weight of 1 kg, until it reaches 160 kg. Rich in oleic acid, the acorn is responsible for the fat that melts in the mouth and unmistakable aromas and flavours.

♥ Matured cow. European production. 28 days maximizing flavours.
Juicier. Softer. More intense and with a more pronounced scent. Healthier.

♥ Asa Branca cod, wild, caught in the Icelandic sea. Sustainable fishing practice.
Cod fillet, perfect flakes.

♥ Legumes and vegetables, whenever available, locally produced, organic.
Prioritizing small-scale farming.

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